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Read our car loan reviews online

We think we do a pretty good job of connecting people with the right car loan – and we're not the only ones. Whether they choose a variable or fix rate, these car loan reviews from our previous customers highlight everything we want our service to be – quick, reliable, and great valuable.

We want to help you get into the car you really need – one that you can rely on to transport your family safely. We'd like you to feel confident walking onto a car lot, knowing that you can purchase the car you want. And we're sure you feel the same way – we know these previous customers did!

James - Sutherland

I want to thank you for helping me get into a car. It was hassle free and very satisfying. I purchased a nice vehicle. I have had a hard time with vehicles due to my credit situation, I was buying them from small independent lots where I could pay every payday. No sooner did I pay the car off and it didn't pass inspection and was not worth fixing. I purchased a car in November and it caught fire on Valentines Day with my kids and I in it. A total loss. So believe me when I say I appreciate getting something more reliable and not having to jump thru hoops to do it.