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Car Loan Calculator in Australia

How long will it take to pay off your car loan? What size should your repayments be? How much interest will you pay altogether?

To find out the answers to these questions, use our handy online car loan repayment calculator. Enter your details and adjust the sliders to see how long your loan will take to pay down. It's easy to adjust each aspect until you reach the loan repayment solution that's best for you.

Once you've worked out how much you can afford, enquire with us about a car loan. Lend4Cars will connect you with the loan provider who gives you with the best deal for your circumstances. Just fill in your details and we'll quickly be in touch with details of your options.

Lend4Cars – more than just a car loan calculator in Australia; we'll help get your into your dream car.

Repayment is


Payment frequency

+ Balloon payment

View the details of your loan over time

  • Balance $37,077
  • Principal $30,000
  • Interest $7,077

Key features

Quick response

Know if your application has been approved normally within 3 business hours

No deposit

100% finance is available to approved customers. You may be able to bundle your insurance and onroad costs in the total

Peace of mind

Loan repayments are set for the life of the loan, so you know what repayments are

Lower interest

Using the car as security means we can offer lower interest rates than most personal loans

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