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How to Check Your Engine Oil


When it comes to regular maintenance of your car, checking the engine oil is the essential thing that you can do own our own. It is essential to have a correct oil level in our car's engine to avoid serious damage to the car. According to Shell Australia, it is recommended to always keep a 1 littre bottle of oil in your in case you need a quick top up of the engine oil.

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Self-Driving Car Prototype from Google


Wouldn't that be nice to just sit in a car and let your car drive on its own? Google has announced that it starts the new project to create the self-driving car. The car is apparently equipped with software sensor that will provide the same capability as in traditional cars, in fact google boasts that the car will have an equivalent of 75 years of driving experience.

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Benefits of Hybrid Cars


The environmental benefits of owing a hybrid car is not the only appeal that lures people into getting a hybrid car. It is true that this fascinating hybrid car emits less polution and because it is a battery operated, it uses less gasoline compared to traditional cars that we all are familiar with. Followings are some of the major benefits should you wish to own one.

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Car Loan Guarantor, Should You be One


As the interest rate is in historical low, there will be many people rushing into the market to start borrowing money. Whether it is to finance a new home, re-finance an old mortgate, financing a new car, refinance an existing loan, or even simply just to get some fund for family holiday. Getting loans are not hard given that all documents satisfy the requirements. When these requirements are not met, there are different ways to get the loan approved, and one of them is getting a guarantor. If you were asked to be one, will you?

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Tips for Self Car Inspection


It is recommended that you always get a professional opinion to have the car that you wish to purchase being checked thoroughly. However, there are some lists that you can check or double check on your own.

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