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How Car Leasing Works


If you work full time for a company and would like to own a car, you can opt to have a car leased on behalf of your company. Car leasing is another car finance product where you can purchase a brand new car with the purpose of using the car for business or work purposes. The car leasing agreement is varied from 2 to 5 years, and the read disadvantage is that the lender will keep the ownership of the car being leased.

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Financing Used Cars

Sydney Low Doc Car Loans

When looking for car loans, it is often easier to get approved if you are purchasing a brand new car over a car dealer. This is because lenders see the cars being a security against the loan you would like to undertake. Purchasing a used car, however, will require a little bit more in order to get the finance approved by sydney car loan companies.

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Low Doc Car Loans


In general, applying for car loans in Sydney to finance your dream car will require at least a proof of income for at least 2 years. What if you are a self employed, and proving a normal standard proof of income is not as easy as if you are employed full time? In this situation, given that you at minimum have hold your ABN for at least twelve months and a GST registered, you can apply for low doc car loans.

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Sydney Car Loan: Benefits of Novated Car Lease


If you are in full time employment and in good terms with your employer, you may want to consider getting a new car by way of novated lease. The term for novated lease, which is quite a common practice in Australia, is a method where employers lease cars on behalf of their employees, and repayments are made against employees pre-taxed salary.

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Car Insurance Premium : Why Are You Paying That Much?


Owning a car in Australia, you will have to have an insurance against your car to protect your investments. There are many different companies to choose from to have your car properly insured. There are many aspects that contribute on the dollar value of your car insurance premium. Followings are the main factors affecting the cost of your insurance.

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