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4 tips that you should be aware of before getting a car in 2016


It is 2016, for those looking to purchase a car, we compiled a very simple list of 4 tips in scoring the best deals for your next car.

Understand exactly what you want

Before actually going out to the market and dealer yards to struck a deal of a second hand car, it is imperative that you do some research on which cars to buy and why. At the best minimum, make yourself informed the features of the cars that you absolutely need, as many of the unnecessary features may add a couple hundred of dollars into the car value, hence you might have to dig deeper into your budget for something that you rarely use. These essential research will help you narrow down the type of cars that you want and more importantly, the ones that you can afford comfortably. To get you started on research, ask your friends and family members for recommendations. You will be surprised how valuable the advice can be. So start local.

Make financing an option

Why settle for a $5000 dollar used car while you can actually get a better used cars that will eventually save you in terms of repairs and fuel consumption by having it financed. With car finance and your discipline habits, you can have the loan paid off in between 5 to 7 years easy. The best thing about this is that you do not have to drain all your savings at once and spend it all in a car. With proper budgeting, financing actually will work towards your benefit, given that you deal with the right car loans company in Sydney.

Bargain, bargain and bargain again

When shopping around for used cars, make sure you put bargain mode and never settle for the first car no matter how attractive the deals sound. You can always sweeten the deal and at the same time save you a couple thousand of dollars! Dealers in car yards work on commission so the more money you pay the more they earn their commission, which is normal in business world. However buying a used cars is all about you getting the best deal and not giving the dealers the most commissions. So when in car yards put on your bargain face and act frugal!

Used car's history: what happened before?

Now that you are proud to struck the deal of a life time with the car dealers, there is one more important thing that you absolutely must complete. Contact a car inspector company, and get the cars inspected. They would be able to spot any past damages, accidents that your car dealers might not aware of or worse conceal. With the report prepared, there could be one or two things that you can use to drive the price even lower, and if the information is genuine, the car dealer would settle for a lower than already agreed price.
Even you do not find any holes in the car report, it will at least give you a piece of mind driving it and knowing the car is in tip top condition.

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