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How to Check Your Engine Oil


When it comes to regular maintenance of your car, checking the engine oil is the essential thing that you can do own our own. It is essential to have a correct oil level in our car's engine to avoid serious damage to the car. According to Shell Australia, it is recommended to always keep a 1 littre bottle of oil in your in case you need a quick top up of the engine oil.

Here are a summary of steps that you can perform to check your engine oil.

1. Always make sure that you park your cars in a level ground with the hands brake on and the engine turned off. Make sure you wait until the engine cool off before opening the oil compartment of the car

2. Open the engine oil compartment slowly buy turning the cap anti-clockwise, and pull up the dipstick slowly and carefully wide it with a clean rag or paper towel, and slowly replace it, and pull up again to study the level of oil left.

3. The dipstick will normally have an indicator where the maximum and the minimum level of oil. If the it reaches towards the minium level, top up the oil just below the maximum gauge mark

For a more comprehensive way of how to check and top up your engine oil, please visit shell australia website here.

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