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Essential Information that You Need to Know about Your Car


Owning a car is the second biggest investment that you made after a lodging such as an apartment or a house. It is essential that you understand about your car in order to avoid unnecessary nightmare that can ruin your investments. Below are points that we at Lend4Car thinks that you should absolutely know.

1. Your Car History

This is an absolutely must know if you are buying your car second hand. If you are buying through the dealers, they normally provide information of this history as part of their standard service to the customers. If you are buying from a private seller, make sure you get the VIN number and run it through NRMA car check. Also it may be essential for a peace of mind to hire someone to check the condition of car before you finalise the deal. There are a lot of company who can do this, and they will provide you with an extensive report about the car conditions and its history. You might be surprised to find something that you are not aware that could indicate the cost of the car being priced too high.

A useful report can also tell you whether or not the car had been in an accident in the past.

2. When to Service Your Car

Every car comes with a car maintenance log book. Refrain yourself from purchasing a car that does not have one, as this can indicate the car was not maintained regularly. If you are to buy a new car, the log book will clearly indicate when you should go for your first car service. This log book normally logs the car service and maintenance for up to several years.

Every time you service your car, a good service center will normally put a little note on when you should visit the service center again. Keeping good car maintenance can make your last even longer, and it will give more confidence to a buyer should you decide to sell it in the future

3. Checking Your Car Oil

Having a correct oil level will ensure that you are problem free when cruising the road especially long distance driving. You do not need to be an expert in car maintenance in order to check and refill your oil. Click here to learn more about changing your car's oil.

4 Car's Tyre Pressure

You can find the recommended tyre pressure in your car's owner manual. You will normally find what the optimum pressure for both front tyres and rear tyres.

Check them at least every once a week. If you drive your car regularly, it is a time saver to do it when you go to a gas station. Most gas station will have a section where you can safely park your car and check the tyre pressure and fill air when needed.

A correct tyre pressure will help you avoid higher fuel consumption as well as early wear offs.

5. The Term of Your Car Finance

Having a good understanding of your car finance policy will enable you to create a proper budget for the car payments. A good budget will help you avoid unnecessary fees, such as late fees. Lend 4 Car is one of Sydney Car Finance expert that can provide you with extensive car finance choices that will suit your financial situation when it comes to purchasing a car.

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