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Tips for Self Car Inspection


It is recommended that you always get a professional opinion to have the car that you wish to purchase being checked thoroughly. However, there are some lists that you can check or double check on your own.

  • Begin with the service car. A good owner will always have the service car handy when requested. It will show you how often the car was being maintained, and by who
  • Check the tyres. Does it have a spare tyre? how is the condition of each tyre? The quick way to check tyres conditions are by looking at the tyre thread. The deeper the thread, the longer you have to change it in the future
  • Check the engine oil, it should be almost transparent and slightly golden colour. Black oil can indicates that it has not been changed for a while
  • Check on rust along the exterior and interior of the car. If it is handy, bring a magnet and run through the magnet on suspected area, and if it does not stick, that part was being covered by something not metal and it will not last long. Ask details when you find this
  • Take the car for a spin. Does the car start immediately? A decent and well maintained car should start immediately and settles into quieter idle machine when not driving
  • Does the car make any squeaky noises when on the road? This could mean worn out suspensions
  • Check the audio system, air conditioning system, are the seats comfortable, and easily to adjust? Does the automatic mirror widers work?

The above lists are some of the items that you can check on yourself when getting a new sydney car loan.

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