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The Importance of Checking Vehicle History


If you are thinking of buying a second hand car and would like to get sydney car loan on the vehicle, then you must at least check the history of the car before going into the deal and make a commitment for a sydney car loan.

For just $21, you can head to RTA website, and check any car by filling in its number plate. Click here to go and check for the history.

Some of the History that you can inspect while visiting RTA vehicle check website:

  1. How has the vehicle been used by the previous owners
    This checks the past status on how the car was used. It will state clearly whether the car had been used privately or as business, such as taxi, or hired car
  2. The number of past owners of the car
    RTA vehicle history checks will tell you how many previous owners owned the car. This information is useful when deciding to get the used cars, as in general, the more previous owners operated the car, the higher the risk for the car to break in the future, as different individuals have different ways of driving. Some are good drivers, have good knowledge about cars, and others not so much.
  3. Has it been written off
    As of 2004, the online vehicle history check website can provide you the information whether the car you intend to purchase had been written off. Following these information, the site also provides reasons on why the vehicle was written off. It is good to know whether your car was in an accident and got written off. You can bring this information as a bargaining chip to reduce the price of the car
  4. Has it been stolen
    The online vehicle history check also provides information whether or not the vehicle was at one staged stolen.
  5. Information on the vehicle registration, current and history.It provides a wide range information on the car's registrations status such as:
    • The registration expiry date
    • The first time the car was registered
    • State of the registration: current, suspended or cancelled
    • Is it single or jointly registered vehicle

So when deciding to purchase a car, you may want to fork out a little bit of cash to inspect the history of the car you wish to purchase. The history of the car can sometime reveals some facts that may not be physically visible. Furthermore, these piece of information can provide an insight whether or not the price tag justify the condition of the car to puchase. If not, this is definitely a bargaining chip to reduce the car price.

It is better to be thorough when purchasing a car, as you will be getting into a new commitment of sydney car loan repayments, and you want to make sure the every dollar that you pay for the car worth the while.

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