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Tips Buying Used Cars in Sydney


When deciding to buy a car for yourself, it comes down to two basic options. A new car or a used car. If you are choosing to purchase a used car instead of out of the box car, here are 4 tips that we can suggest before you rush yourself and hand over your hard earned money to the seller.

Research, Research and Research

First thing first, always do a comprehensive research on what car you wish to purchase. Set a baseline on your research, such as your budget to actually purchase the car, the ongoing costs such as insurance, maintenance, as well as registration fee to RTA.

The baseline will help you narrow down the type of cars that you can afford to purchase and it will help save time researching and obtaining the car quicker. Some of the places or online sites that you can visit to do your research are:

  • Automotive review pages
  • Car dealers (physical or online site)
  • Car blogs, this is a good place to get a much more personal review on the car model you want to buy

This lengthy research will enable you to see which cars are on your short list to purchase, as well as producing a list of potential sellers' contact details that you can call or email in order to initiate contact with them.

You can also start to work out on how you would pay for the car when the deal is sealed. If you are going to go through a car finance options in sydney, you can start your research by looking at Sydney car finance company. Most of the time, you can utilise the car loan calculator provided in most major Sydney car finance companies' websites.

Suggested time to compete the research: 1 – 2 weeks

Initiate contact with sellers

Once you are happy with the research, by now, you should have a complete list of sellers in mind with the specific car that you are after. Contact the sellers, preferably on the phone and start asking a lot of questions. Followings are the list of questions that you can ask:

  • Why are they selling the car
  • How long have they had the car
  • Was the car purchased as new or as a used car
  • How much is the mileage on the car
  • The conditions of the car
  • Has it ever been on accidents

When asking the seller these questions on the phone, do not be shy to ask the seller to take a couple of snapshots of the cars and send them to you. These way, you can be sure that it is the right car, so you do not have to waste your time traveling to inspect the cars.

Time to complete: 2 – 4 days

Initial inspection of the car

When you shortlisted the list of the car sellers that you feel comfortable with, start to arrange an appointment. It is important that you always set to meet at the sellers' residence instead of somewhere in the middle. This is to make sure that they are genuine sellers, and importantly they own the cars. If it is a dealer, set up an appointment not in the weekend, to avoid rush of people coming to car inspections. This way you can be sure the car dealers will have their complete attention to your questions.

When making inspection of the cars, do not forget to bring along the answers and photos from the questions that you asked previously on telephone conversation or email.

Whenever possible to save your time, ask the sellers or dealers if it is possible to take a test drive on that day too. It will be better to ask this before you actually see them, so they could arrange the time where test driving is convenient for both of you.

Time to complete: 1 week to 10 days (more if you have longer list of car sellers, keep in mind that you don't rush this and settle too quickly before inspecting majority of the car sellers in your list)

Checking the history of the car

By now, you should have a car seller or dealer that you feel comfortable to buy from. However genuine they seem, you always need to take precaution about the car that you about to purchase. One of the best way is to get the car's VIN number to check it against the database. There is a small fee to pay but it will be worth the money.

Here are the links for VIN database search site for each states:

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