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Home Blog Sydney Car Loans Blog: 2015 Audi TT Review

Sydney Car Loans Blog: 2015 Audi TT Review

The new 2015 Audi TT possesses many of the details of the first-generation Audi TT. Here in our Sydney Car Loans office, our friendly team can help you obtain finance to purchase the new 2015 Audi TT, a car that is sure to impress. 

It has the following features:

Two large chrome-tipped tailpipes, similar to those of the first Audi TT.

Taillights integrated into the body

Rounded rear window

Matrix LED headlights which can produce a huge amount of different light patterns. These prevent other drivers from being blinded by glare.

LED tail lights are designed similar to the headlights.

It weighs less, coming in at 1230 kilograms thanks to the aluminium skin used for the bonnet, doors, roof, front fenders and rear hatch.

2.0 litre TFSI four-cylinder engine.

The coupe accelerates from 0 to 100km and hour in 6 seconds. The Launch Control with S tronic uses a controlled wheel slip which allows you to fully accelerate from a standstill position.

Top speed of 250km an hour.

Priced from $71,950 with a 3 year warranty over unlimited kilometres.

6 speed manual, 6 speed auto, 4WD and AWD.

Fuel consumption of 5.9L/100km.

And much more!

Audi has estimated that 43% of the new 2015 Audi TT drivers will be females in their mid-to-late thirties. This statement rings true with the men and women in our Sydney Car Loans office!