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Toyota Corolla Levin ZR Review

Here in our Rockdale Car Loans Office, many of our clients are looking at buying a Toyota Corolla. After all, they have topped the Aussie sales charts for the last two years. We decided to have a look at the best Toyota Hatch, the Corolla Levin ZR.


Reversing Camera


Sports Seats that are very comfortable and supportive

Plenty of room on the back seats

17 inch alloys which look great

103kW/173Nm 1.8L Petrol Engine

Optional CVT auto which helps fuel efficiency. When compared with the 6-speed manual, it consumed half a litre less, with a figure of 6.6L/100Km.

280L boot with a spacesaver space under the boot floor

Carries a five star safety rating, as all Corollas do

Priced from $30,470.

The Mazda 3 sits around the same price and although the Corolla isn’t as quick as the Mazda 3, it still does a great job overall and can be driven on the highway all day long.

The Toyota Corolla Levin ZR competes with the Mazda 3, Volkswagen Golf and Hyundai i30. In the Corolla Hatch range, it sits above the Levin SX, Ascent and Ascent Sport. If you’re looking for a small, reliable, safe car, the Corolla Levin is a good choice. It may not be the most high tech hatch or the best performing, but it still does a good job.

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